It will be to forget the stresses of daily life. Is it because dreaming is sometimes the only way to get by. The fact is that the field of gaming and betting in Italy does not know pushups. Indeed. The Italians love to rely more and more often to luck. It does not matter if pointing, scratching or buying lottery tickets. The hope is to change lives and to change it to their loved ones, in spite of the recession, the high price of oil and of international financial crises. The boom is of course facilitated by the advent of the internet and mobile phones. But let’s see the numbers in detail.

THE BOOM turnover in the Peninsula was 41.7 billion euro in the past year ( +169 % from 2003 to 2007 ), almost 3% of gross domestic product ( GDP). The growth was 19.7 % compared to 2006, with revenue for the State closer to 8 billion (+7.1 %). A mouth-watering a large number of Italian and foreign companies, led by the two listed Lottomatica and Sisal. But it is not the good old Lot to pull the cart: Italians rather than dreaming and smorfiare to bet on the numbers, they prefer the video -poker.

This kind of machines have taken hold over the past decade represents, today, 31.2 % of the revenue from the games industry for the taxman. The Lotto instead stops at 24%. This growth has led these slot machines to touch the 250 thousand units, producing a flush to the exchequer of 2miliardi and 250milioni euro. Also in 2007, the collection online in Italy has yielded little more than a billion Euros, or 2.5 % of total deposits and 16.2% of the total scraped together from the four Italian casinos. A lord it on the web sports betting (88 %).

HANDS OF THE MAFIA. The specific portfolio of gaming and betting, which employs about 150 thousand people, brings Italy to second place among the European countries they love to gamble, so as to have attracted the growing interest of organized crime. It has gone so quickly from illegal gambling to the flourishing of society that are regular in fact a cover for mafia gangs.

There are a number of judicial investigations that highlight the close link between criminal groups and most of the games industry. On all remember the investigation “Old Bridge”, conducted by the prosecutor of Palermo and focuses on the connections between Cosa Nostra and Italian-American clan in relation to sports betting market.